"Inspired by the strong women of our time and full of energy, each of the pieces is thought by and for the woman."

Coumba Diarra
The story of Cochady is rooted in a passion for fabrics and sewing but also in a family heritage.

Founded in 2020 by Coumba, daughter of a fashion designer, Cochady opens the doors to a world where clothing offers women allure and confidence.
Each collection is the result of a meticulous work around the choice of fabrics, design and assembly made in our Parisian workshops for a creation 100% Made in France
With its shoulder pads, as a symbol in reference to the 80s, the colorful collections are all imbued with a wind of freedom and self-assertion.

Comfort, structure and style, an alliance around which our creative director declines each of her choices and of course her emblematic shoulder pads.
Mixing elegance and character, Cochady is to women what seasons are to years. An air of renewal and avant-gardism for a wardrobe of character.